SAP Senior Consultant specialized in SAP® R/3® modules PS, IM, AM, AA, SD, MM, FI, CO, PP, PM, CS, GTM

Ignacio Bañez Rodriguez



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Technical Skills and Tasks:
Project Management
Networks .- Operations, Milestones, Work centers, Resources Workforce Planning
Plan Cost & Scheduling Management (Values Categories, Plan Cost Versions management )
Status Management & Status Selection for System Information
Procurement of Services & Materials (PTO/PTS/MTO/MTS/STO)
Subcontractor Procurement Management
PROMAN - Project Oriented Procurement tool
Material BOM Management
Service Catalogue
Claims Management
Variant Configurator
Investment Management & Appropiation request Management
Asset management
Depreciation and simulation
Budget and Tolerance Controlling
Project Planning & Time Scheduling
Engineering and Production Control

Standard System Information
Payment control ( Using Plan versions)
Finance & Controling from PS (Using System Information )
Project Stock Inventory management
PS-SD integration Scenarios.
Documentation control for Project Management
POC (Percentage of completion), Progress and Trend Analysis
Resault Analysis
Settlement and generating settlement rules (Strategy)
Settlement of projects (to projects-WBS, AUC, cost centers, PA objects, …)
User fields, Fields selection & Screen layOut design
Create & maintenance users, roles and profiles. ACL - Access Control List for WBS and Network activities
New Product Introduction (NPI) concept and Business Process - Pilot Building & Prototype Building
Transporting of orders